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COMING UP NEXT 2023: Transgender and the Adolescent (date to be confirmed)

Continuing Professional Development for Counsellors…

Golden Leaf hosts a morning training session every 3-4 months in Norwich on a Friday, 10.00 – 1.30 pm, at Anteros Arts, Fye Bridge Street, Norwich NR3 1LJ. Coffee, Cake and Certificate for £30.00. https://www.anterosfoundation.com

2022: Trauma and the Body (18th March 2022) (Trauma Tools in Action due in September 2022 has been postponed)

In 2021 we studied:

Lost Pianos in Siberia and Psychosynthesis (did Maslow get it wrong?) and

Autism vs Trauma and Communication: which is it? Autism or Trauma masquerading as Autism?

Our training session, on 31.01.20 was : Bandura, Attachment and Family Dynamics, looking at Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, the attachment process, and the impact on the family.

Fathering, Male Offending and Mental Health was our previous session, and this is a comment by an attendee: “I particularly enjoy the collaborative and interactive style of presentation…I always leave the workshops with more questions than answers which encourages me to investigate further.”

The next workshop was to be on Friday 17th April 2020 on the topic of The Dissociative Mind and DID, looking at normal and problematic dissociation.

NB Covid-19 Update: 24.03.20 This session has been postponed till June 2020

Advice if you are anxious about Covid-19 virus:


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These days we all have mobile phones next to us 24/7 and the temptation to grab the phone at every notification can be overwhelming. Instead, check your settings and turn off notifications for your news apps. Better still, check to see what apps are sending updates and uninstall them. If you want to stay informed, set some time aside each morning and evening to log onto the internet.

Mute people sharing updates or misinformation. 

Equip yourself with information from trusted sources.