Research Interests

  • Male Identity Issues

I have been actively researching Male Identity Issues since I began my MA in Integrative Counselling in 2006.  My dissertation was entitled:  Exploring Male Identity in a Therapeutic Setting.

Since then, I have included in my research Male and Female difference, which is an important aspect of heterosexual Couples Counselling and is also relevant in same sex relationships. 

I have contributed for many years to the Male Psychology Network conferences in London at UCL.  This group is now to be found online at

I still offer the occasional blog online for them, on various male related matters.  The most recent one can be found here:

In 2019 I contributed a chapter to the Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology and Mental Health (Barry et al) called “The Gaze:  The Male Need to Look vs the Female Need to be Seen, an Evolutionary Perspective” (chapter 13).

In 2022 I began a D Prof in Practical Theology at ARU, focussing on Patriarchy and Men’s Issues.

  • LGBTQ+

I have been researching gender identity issues including LGTBQ+ matters, for the last 18 years, and my counselling work with people who identify as LGBT has increased over the past 10 years.  I also work with same sex couples.  However, please note that I do not advertise this as a specialism.

I was an active member of a Social Support Group for LGTBQ+ in 2012-2013, and I have also been involved in supervising other counsellors supporting a number of LGTBQ+ individuals, as part of a comprehensive mixed work load.

I believe that gentle, sensitive exploratory therapy is an essential element of what counselling is all about, and this includes any gender identity related matters. 

  • BACP

The BACP have published some of my letters concerning Male IdentityTQ+ matters and various other topics.  I have also contributed to the “Counselling Dilemmas” page.

I have contributed articles and letters over the years on a number of matters, including an audio recording about Male Identity concerns:  (“It’s a Man’s (Woman’s?) World”. 


I also provide media content for the BACP at short notice on various topics within my areas of expertise , (e.g. bereavement) sometimes for the press, and sometimes for their online blog areas.