Prices and Terms

Golden Leaf offers you:

Counselling sessions of 55 minutes


Free 15  minute initial session

We understand that many are anxious about finances during this difficult time and for the foreseeable future, therefore we are pleased to announce:

Solo Sessions usually cost £50 for first session:  (the next 3 if booked in a block and paid up front are discounted).

Couples sessions:  £70 for first couples session:  (the next 3 are discounted if booked in a block and paid for in advance.)

(There are also concessions available for unwaged, proven financial hardship, and full time students)

I commit to let you know as far as possible in advance if I need to cancel…

What Golden Leaf requires of you:

  • to pay on the day or in advance
  • to let me know in good time if you need to cancel – ( if you don’t let me know you need to cancel with at least 24 hours notice,  we regret that the fee is usually charged in fulI)

(Full contract details available on request)