Covid 19 Update 05.01.2021

As we are now in lockdown in Norfolk, I want to reassure you that as an essential Mental Health Support Service, we are still open, but that I am limiting face to face sessions. If possible, I recommend that you choose a phone call or zoom session, but if you really need a face to face session, let me know and I will accommodate you if I can. A walking session may also be an option for you.

If you want to see my full Risk Assessment document, this is available on request. Please follow the rules below for a safe experience, and do not attend in person if you have any Covid 19 symptoms.

  1. use hand sanitiser
  2. avoiding touching surfaces during your session
  3. allow your hostess to open and close the door
  4. hang up your coat on the hanger provided
  5. keep to your session time so that the room can be aired between clients
  6. Remain seated two metres apart from the counsellor during your session

Many thanks for your understanding at this difficult time, which affects each one of us in different ways. You may feel that Covid 19 itself has made your situation much worse. If so, please do let me know about this.